Jail And Prison Rehabilitation Information (JAPRI) Community Outreach Program
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Certificate Rehabilitation Program
This rehabilitation program will increase the likelihood that our clients will find employment and have positive roles in the community and their family.   Clients seeking technical direction associated with zoology, biology, health, public speaking, strategic planning and environmental issues will have an opportunity to work directly with professionals in those areas.  At the end of the successful completion of the program, clients will receive a Certificate of Completion for environmental, health, and/or educational components.

Listed below are some of the services available to our clients at JAPRI Community Outreach Program.  JAPRI will work with community leaders and courts to identify appropriate cleints and develop standard operating procedures to ensure consistent decision making associated with program operation.  Also, there are services that we will offer the general public through our website.  These services are contingent on JAPRI receiving appropriate funding.  Lastly, JAPRI will offer mentoring to their clients.
Development of Good Fathers and Role Model Programs
Inspirational Speaking
Mr. Woodley will give inspirational talks to any appropriate group setting.  The topics could include:  issues associated with race, disabilities, alcohol and drug addictions, health of elderly, diversity in the workplace, team building, biology, neurobiology, zoology and enviromental biology.
                                                                   $ 100/hr +cost of travel
JAPRI is a non-profit organization whose primary funding will come from grants, donations, and partnerships.  However, there is a fee schedule that include Consulting (environmental, strategic planning, and social issues), Website Design, Inspirational Speaking, and Motivational Workshop Development.  
Mailing, Email Address, and Donations 
   James C. Woodley, President

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  Email:  woodley50@yahoo.com  

The development of good fathers and role models will involve both spiritual and educational development which would increase the likelihood that our participants will pay court-ordered  child support and/or become a positive factor in the raising of their children and their role in the  community.​  Also, JAPRI will work with participants in determining if there are environmental and/or health issues in their community.  If so, JAPRI will help participant address the issue in a leadership capacity.  At the end of the successful completion of the program, the client will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Inspirational and Educational Work Shops
Mr. Woodley will develop inspirational 2-day workshops for any appropriate group setting (10-15 people).  The topics could include:  issues associated with race, disabilities, alcohol and drug addictions, maintaining health, diversity in the workplace,  team building, environmental activism, and community stewardship.
                                                                   $ 500/day +cost of travel