Jail And Prison Rehabilitation Information (JAPRI) Community Outreach Program
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JAPRI Community Outreach Program Partners
JAPRI Community Outreach Program will partner with organizations that will support JAPRI's mission and goals.  The partners  will include churches and charitable foundations; local, state, and federal government agencies; educational and civil rights organizations; treatment facilities; and legal expertise.

Below are some of the trusted partners recommended by JAPRI Community Outreach Program:
To affect change in most cultures usually begin  with the support of the local churches.  JAPRI will partner with any church that desires a relationship to address the needed changes in our society.  Helping  men become better fathers will rely on spiritual growth as well as addressing the other issues identified in JAPRI's primary goals.

Federal and State Governments
JAPRI will partner with Federal government agencies to receive funding via its potential tax-exempt non-profit status.  Also, State agencies such as the Employment Securities Commission  and The NC Div. of Vocational  Rehabilitation will allow JAPRI's clients an opportunity to become employed.
The Greenville-Pitt County
 Chamber of Commerce
JAPRI will partner with the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce  to help ensure that JAPRI clents will have additional opporutnities for employment.
East Carolina University
East Carolina University (ECU) is located in Greenville, NC.  The University boasts a student population of 27,000.  ECU provides wonderful opportunities for educational growth and employment for the clients of JAPRI.
Pitt Community College (PCC) offers 44 associate degree programs, numerous certificate program, 22 diploma programs, and 18 University Transfer programs.   PCC currently has approximately 5800 curriculum students and 4200 continuing education students.
Community  Churches
Pitt Community College
Federal, State, County, and City Governments
Educational Organizations
 Social and Private Organizations
Partnerships with drug and alcohol treatment and behavioral modification facilities will be cultivated to foster a well-rounded approach to addressing JAPRI's primary and secondary goals.  JAPRI also believes that relationships with civil rights organizations such as the NAACP and other types of support groups such as those for domestic violence; alcohol and drug addiction; and assisting people with physical disabilities and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) will be beneficial.
JAPRI is a non-profit organization whose primary funding will come from grants, donations, and partnerships.