Jail And Prison Rehabilitation Information (JAPRI) Community Outreach Program
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JAPRI plans to deal  with real life community issues through the experiences of its President, staff, and its partners.  For example, its President, Mr. James C. Woodley, graduated from Northampton County High School-East with honors despite being diagnosed with polio at birth and living in a home of poverty and domestic violence.  Mr. Woodley 's father was a military veteran and committed suicide while he was in his mother's womb.  He received his B.S. degree in Zoology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).  He aslo obtained his Master's degree in Biology from Old Dominion University located in Norfolk, VA.  Mr. Woodley continued his education at the Ph.D. level in Neurobiology at UNC-CH.  However, prior to completing the Ph. D. program, he took a job, as a Biologist, at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, DC.  In addition to his environmental biologist duties, Mr. Woodley also addressed work place diversity issues.  He has published scientific and environmental documents; as well as, received numerous  awards and accomodations for his work.  James retired in 2004 because of the re-occurrence of polio.  While in retirement, he was appointed to the Pitt County Animal Control Advisory Board and chaired the City of Greenville's Environmental Advisory Commission. Currently, Mr. Woodley is a member of the Cypress Group of the Sierra Club, as well as a member of the North Carolina Conservation Committee of the Sierra Club. Recently, he has been working with Dogwood Alliance in addressing industrial logging impacts on the target environments and affected communities.  He was invited to become a member of the Dogwood Alliance Board of Directors.  Now, James has an opportunity to address environmental issues that currently impact the community he was born and raised in. Mr. Woodley is a recovering alcoholic and his continued sobriety requires that he work a program of recovery for all of his additive character defects (see Resume)
What is Happening to the Black Family Structure?
Young, predominantly Black, men are being incarcerated at an alarming rate.  JAPRI Community Outreach Program is committed to addressing this issue.
Real life Issues for JAPRI Community Outreach Program
Alcohol and Drug Addictions do not Discriminate!
JAPRI Conmmunity Outreach Program will encourage adult men who are struggling with alcohol and/or drug addictions to get appropriate treatment.
What About People With Disibilities?
JAPRI Conmmunity Outreach Program is concerned about the plight of people with disabilities.  In the US, there has been significant gains by people with disabilities to have access to increasingly more facilities such as, restuarants, schools, churches, etc.  Also, during the last decade there has been more opportunities for disabled people to obtain specialized education, and they now have a bigger voice in the operation of US society.  JAPRI is developing a strategy to continue this forward progress.