Jail And Prison Rehabilitation Information (JAPRI) Community Outreach Program
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Educational Curriculum

  • JAPRI will work with participant to establish their Environmental Concerns projects, their Health Focus, their Child Care and Parental Interaction Training, and their career Educational Goals. 
  • All of the goals listed above will be their Comprehensive Educational Goals (CEGs).
  • Those CEGs may be different for each participant. 
  • JAPRI will help participants meet their CEGs. 
  • Expectations associated with each participant meeting their CEGs will determine how long they will be in the program.  
  • There will be a minimum and maximum amount of time that each participant will be allowed to stay in the program.  
  • That time-line will also be dependent on funding requirements.  
  • At the completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, participants will have acquired the necessary skills to become Good Community Leaders and Good Fathers.  
  • Also upon successful completion of the program, participants will have made the necessary steps toward acquiring their "Dream" career.
  • Participants who have completed the program will be expected to become part of the mentoring program.