Jail And Prison Rehabilitation Information (JAPRI) Community Outreach Program
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        Welcome to JAPRI Community Outreach Program
The mission of JAPRI is to provide rehabilitation services to juvenile and adult male individuals (in Pitt County, NC) who have been incarcerated and/or are likely to participate in activities that will lead them into jail or prison. Initially, JAPRI's home office will be in Greenville, NC.  Even though all applicants will be considered, JAPRI will focus mostly on minorities.  JAPRI will be focusing on the development of Good Fathers; positive male Role Models; and Community Leaders.   JAPRI will help to empower impoverished minority communities in addition to helping redirect troubled young men onto a path of positive community leadership.  Participants will assist in environmental activism and education, health education, and community well-being.  Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to address their educational limitations in a manner that would be beneficial to their positive quality of life aspirations and those of the community that they reside in.  JAPRI will also develop and launch a mentoring program open to all people.
JAPRI is a non-profit organization whose primary funding will come from grants, donations, and partnerships.